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Rosie Windsor
Natural Medicine Practitioner
Bath, UK
Tel: 07980 275 108

Treatments are available 7 days a week

Concessions available for students, full-time mothers and OAPs

Mobile therapies are available for women

Gift vouchers available

Treatment Prices and Details

Aromatherapy massage - £40 1 hour, £20 half hour

Deep tissue massage - £40 1 hour, £20 half hour

Intuitive holistic massage - £40 1 hour, £20 half hour

Indian head massage - £20 for half hour treatment

Raindrop therapy - £35 for 45 minute treatment

Ear acupuncture - £15 for 20 minutes, £25 for 40 minutes

Additional ear acupuncture in combination with any other treatment - £10

Reiki - £30 for 1 hour treatment

Raindrop massage and ear acupuncture combination - £40 1 hour

Luxury combination - £80 for one and a half hour treatment.
(Yoga stretches, raindrop, massage with optional ear acupuncture)

Head and neck and face - half hour treatment - £25

One to one beginners yoga tuition - £35 per hour

All treatments will be 15 minutes longer the first time I see you as I will need to take a full medical history.

Sometimes I may ask you to talk to your GP before arranging a treatment. Always make sure that you avoid alcohol for at least 5 hours before a treatment. Drink lots of water after a treatment as this will help with the removal of toxins.

Buy 4 treatments and get 1 free!

Gift vouchers available on request.

Concessions available on request.

Mobile therapies available on request:

I can come to your home on request for a further charge of £15;
I am available to hire for weddings and business functions;
I can also be hired for the day for corporate events;
Please phone me personally for prices of these.